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Olive’secret is a Greek company that was founded in the late 90’s which researches and develops innovative beauty and health elixirs made from olive oil, that combine drastic biological ingredients and extracts from wild plants of the Cretan nature. The company creates new products that follow a holistic approach based on the Hippocrates model.

The company’s name Olive’secret, - or the Secret of the Olive - was inspired by the olive tree, which is an ancient symbol of the Greek and Cretan diet but also by the cosmetic tradition. Adopting the ancestral model and enriching it with contemporary expertise, we use every part of the olive tree in creating cosmetic products that comply exactly in the high quality and standards of our times. The core, the oils of the olive tree, as well as the leaves and the blossoms of the tree, combine all the raw materials that Olive’secret optimizes in combination with endemic aromatic herbs of the Cretan soil.

Having as a core purpose the ultimate satisfaction of the customer’s desires, we have created a unique series, totally based on the complex needs of the everyday life, of new pioneer biological products.

Olive’secret, having high the sense of environmental responsibility, not only uses practices, ecological bottles and packaging, but also produces a large and high quality cosmetic products which are safe and natural, without any chemical substances that can be harmful for people, animals or the environment.

Our new biological line, obtained the guarantee of the globally certified organization ICEA which certifies the quality of safe and hygienic products, using substance checks of the finalized product during their production.

ICEA certification is internationally acknowledged, and it’s equal with the most trustworthy European certification in Biological cosmetics. Specific microbiological and dermatological tests, guarantee hygienic and compatible dermatological ingredients, that are suitable for sensitive and allergic prone skin.

Discover the beauty secrets, of Olive'secret and indulge yourself in the olive’s touch!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
courant normal ,tres bien fait
Profesjonalnie i bardzo szybko.
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